Attention Yoga Teachers!
“Make A Greater Impact That 
Leads to Bigger Classes!”
LIVE Session: 1/24 at 10am Pacific Time
Give Yourself One Hour And Leave Knowing...
How shifting our perspective on theming can create better experiences, deeper impact and bigger classes.

How to stretch beyond yoga to find your themes.
How to successfully incorporate themes using a simple template that takes minutes to prepare.

Here's What People Are Saying:

"A leader, mentor, visionary and creative, Kimberly is driven by purpose, fueled by authenticity and powered by doing the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do." 

 Petra Kolber  
New York, NY

"Kimberly has an uncanny knack to see the best in you before you even have a glimmer of awareness of it yourself. This is one special person. I've met no one else like her." 

Donna Thomas
Chicago, IL
Meet Kimberly Spreen Glick
Kimberly has been in the yoga, fitness and wellness world for 25 years as a teacher, educator,
and program director. She is the IDEA 2015 Program Director of the Year, co-creator of
EMPOWER! and founder of Karma Warriors. As an E-RYT and YACEP(Continuing Education
Provider) for the Yoga Alliance, Kimberly is fueled with a passion for learning and teaching yoga,
particularly concepts that go beyond the asana.

A note from Kimberly: “After all these years, what it boils down to is that I literally thrive on
helping people remember how amazing they are. Whether it’s through teaching a class,
facilitating a workshop or coaching my peers, my goal is to make sure everyone knows how
important it is to love themselves, be themselves and let their light shine.”
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